Top 10 Chinese Hairstyles For Women

Chinese culture, steeped in history, showcases an array of hairstyles that have evolved across centuries, presenting a diverse spectrum of options. From traditional to contemporary, Chinese hairstyling embodies elegance and sophistication. This article aims to highlight the top ten Chinese hairstyles, each capturing the essence of the culture’s heritage while incorporating modern twists that resonate with current trends.

These hairstyles serve as a reflection of the rich cultural tapestry, showcasing the intricate and beautiful artistry that has endured through time. Whether seeking a glimpse into traditional aesthetics or embracing the fusion of heritage and modernity, these hairstyles offer a glimpse into the elegance and allure synonymous with Chinese hairstyling.


Best Chinese Hairstyles

1. Traditional Braided Bun

The Traditional Braided Bun stands as an iconic Chinese hairstyle, defined by a high bun meticulously crafted through intricate braiding techniques. This elegant style embodies grace and enduring beauty, earning its status as a favored option for significant and ceremonial events.

Its allure lies in the meticulous artistry involved in creating a sophisticated high bun through a series of intricate braids. This traditional hairstyle reflects cultural richness and sophistication, embodying a timeless charm that has transcended generations. Renowned for its regal and refined appearance, the Traditional Braided Bun serves as a symbol of reverence for Chinese heritage, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship and timeless elegance inherent in traditional Chinese hairstyling.

Its enduring popularity attests to its ability to evoke a sense of grace and timelessness, making it a cherished choice for those seeking a hairstyle that exudes sophistication and cultural significance.

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2. Qing Dynasty Hairstyle

The Qing Dynasty Hairstyle draws inspiration from historical Chinese aesthetics, featuring ornate hair accessories and intricate updos. This style pays homage to traditional Chinese culture, reflecting an era of opulence and sophistication.

Embracing this hairstyle involves intricate arrangements and adorned hair accessories, mirroring the elegance and grandeur associated with the Qing Dynasty. It represents a fusion of artistry and history, showcasing elaborate updos that highlight the intricate craftsmanship prevalent during that period.

3. Modern Bob with Blunt Bangs

The Modern Bob with Blunt Bangs represents a contemporary take on Chinese hairstyles, blending the timeless bob haircut with straight-cut bangs for a chic and trendsetting allure. This popular choice exudes a sleek and stylish appearance, embodying a fusion of classic elegance with a modern edge.

This hairstyle’s appeal lies in its versatility and edgy vibe. The clean lines of the bob paired with the blunt-cut bangs create a striking look that complements various face shapes and personal styles. Its simplicity and sophistication make it a favored option for those seeking a refined yet fashion-forward appearance, reflecting a blend of traditional charm with a contemporary twist. The Modern Bob with Blunt Bangs stands as a testament to the adaptability of Chinese hairstyling, embracing innovation while maintaining a sense of timeless elegance.


4. Long Loose Waves

Long, flowing waves hold a special place in Chinese hairstyling, offering a soft and romantic allure that captivates effortlessly. This favored style embodies versatility, transitioning seamlessly from casual to formal occasions with its timeless elegance.

The charm of long, flowing waves lies in their adaptability and graceful appeal. These waves evoke a sense of romance and sophistication, framing the face delicately while exuding an ethereal beauty. Their versatility allows for various styling options, effortlessly complementing both relaxed everyday looks and enhancing the glamour of formal events.

5. Pixie Cut with Side-Swept Bangs

The Pixie Cut with Side-Swept Bangs epitomizes a short, chic hairstyle that exudes both trendiness and youthfulness. This haircut, characterized by its short length and side-swept bangs, presents a stylish and energetic appearance, perfect for individuals seeking a fashionable yet low-maintenance option.

Its allure lies in the fusion of simplicity and fashion-forwardness. The pixie cut’s short length paired with the side-swept bangs creates a dynamic and youthful vibe, offering a refreshing and modern look. This style not only exudes confidence but also requires minimal upkeep, making it an ideal choice for those desiring a hassle-free yet trendy hairstyle.

6. Half-Up Chinese Knot

The Half-Up Chinese Knot amalgamates traditional and contemporary influences, showcasing a half-up hairstyle adorned with a Chinese knot embellishment. This unique fusion harmonizes elements of heritage with modernity, culminating in a hairstyle that exudes elegance while holding cultural significance.

The elegance of this style lies in its blend of traditional Chinese aesthetics with a modern twist. The half-up hairdo, coupled with the intricate Chinese knot, reflects a homage to Chinese culture and artistry. This hairstyle not only showcases an inherent sophistication but also embodies symbolic value, carrying the heritage of the Chinese knot, known for its auspicious and symbolic meanings.

7. Side Bun with Decorative Hairpins

The Side Bun with Decorative Hairpins offers an exquisite and refined appearance, infusing sophistication and elegance into one’s hairstyle. This chic option entails styling the hair into a sleek side bun and enhancing it with ornate hairpins, imparting a luxurious and graceful touch to the overall look.

Crafting this hairstyle involves skillfully arranging the hair into a neatly coiled side bun, positioned to exude poise and charm. The addition of decorative hairpins elevates the elegance, serving as embellishments that exude opulence and finesse.

8. Pigtails with Braided Ribbons

Pigtails with Braided Ribbons epitomize a charming and playful hairstyle adored by both children and adults alike. This beloved style features the classic pigtails adorned with braided ribbons, infusing a delightful touch of whimsical flair into the look.

Crafting this hairstyle involves dividing the hair into two sections and securing them into playful pigtails on either side of the head. The addition of braided ribbons woven into the pigtails brings an enchanting and playful element, elevating the classic style with a dash of whimsy and creativity.

9. Layered Shoulder-Length Cut

The Layered Shoulder-Length Cut stands as a versatile and effortlessly manageable hairstyle. This style involves layering shoulder-length hair, introducing texture and movement that adapt seamlessly to different occasions.

Crafting this hairstyle includes strategically layering the hair, which adds depth and dimension to the overall look. The layers impart a sense of volume and texture, offering versatility for styling while maintaining the manageable length. This makes it a perfect choice for various events, from casual outings to formal gatherings.

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10. Top Knot with Tassels

The Top Knot with Tassels represents a distinctive and attention-grabbing hairstyle characterized by a top knot bun embellished with decorative tassels. This captivating style introduces an element of uniqueness and personal flair to one’s overall appearance.

Crafting this hairstyle involves fashioning a top knot bun positioned atop the head, serving as a base for the decorative tassels that dangle down. The addition of these ornate tassels infuses the hairstyle with an eye-catching and individualistic charm, making it stand out as a statement piece.



Chinese hairstyles present a diverse array of choices, spanning from traditional to modern, each carrying its own distinctive allure. Whether it’s a tribute to Chinese heritage or a quest for a contemporary and trendy appearance, exploring the top ten Chinese hairstyles unveils a rich tapestry of inspiration for your next hairstyle.

This collection encapsulates a spectrum of styles, ranging from time-honored classics steeped in tradition to innovative and fashion-forward cuts that resonate with modern aesthetics. Embracing these hairstyles not only celebrates the depth of Chinese culture but also offers a plethora of options to suit various preferences and occasions.



What are some traditional Chinese hairstyles for women?

Traditional Chinese hairstyles include the Hanfu hairstyle, Ming Dynasty updo, Tang Dynasty Princess hairstyle, and more, each with unique characteristics.

How is the Modern Shanghainese Bob different from traditional styles?

The Modern Shanghainese Bob is a contemporary hairstyle inspired by Shanghai’s fashion scene, featuring a sleek bob cut with modern elements like waves or curls.

Are there any hairstyles inspired by specific Chinese dynasties?

Yes, hairstyles like the Qing Dynasty Manchu braid and Dynasty-inspired half-up hairstyles draw inspiration from historical Chinese dynasties.

What is the significance of the Lantern Bun hairstyle?

The Lantern Bun is a stylish bun resembling a lantern, often adorned with flowers or jewels. It can be worn for festive or ceremonial occasions.


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