Top 7 Most Popular Pet Birds in the World

Welcoming a pet bird into your home can bring joy, companionship, and a touch of nature’s beauty. In this article, we’ll explore the top seven most popular pet birds globally, each with its unique charm and characteristics.


Parakeets, often referred to as budgies, claim the top spot as the most popular companion birds worldwide. Their vibrant plumage, playful nature, and ability to mimic sounds make them an ideal choice for bird enthusiasts.


With their striking crests and friendly demeanor, cockatiels secure their place as another fantastic option for those seeking a lovable and amiable pet bird. They are known for forming strong bonds with their human counterparts.


Canaries, ranking third among popular pet birds, offer a different experience. While they may not seek cuddles, their melodious songs fill your space with delightful tunes, making them a perfect choice for bird lovers who enjoy the auditory beauty of feathered companions.


Don’t let their small size fool you. Lovebirds, the fourth most popular pet bird, pack a punch of personality. Their affectionate and social nature makes them delightful companions, especially for those with limited space.


Domesticated doves, when hand-fed and cared for, reveal their charming and sensitive sides. While they may not be the first bird that comes to mind, doves can make lovely and gentle pets, offering a different kind of companionship.

African Grey

African Greys may not boast the most vibrant colors, but their intelligence and devotion set them apart. These birds are known for their ability to mimic speech and their keen understanding of their surroundings, making them fascinating companions.


Finches earn their place on the list due to their appealing appearance, intricate patterns, and calm disposition. These small birds bring a sense of grace and kindness to any avian-loving household.

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