9 States Where Bobcats Continue To Thrive


1. California

California boasts an estimated population of approximately 50,000 bobcats, showcasing their successful adaptation and thriving presence across the diverse ecosystems of the state.


2. Wisconsin

Wisconsin shows a healthy bobcat population, indicating successful conservation efforts and habitat preservation initiatives in the region.


3. North Carolina

North Carolina sustains a thriving bobcat population, contributing to the state’s biodiversity and ecosystem health, thanks to effective wildlife management strategies.


4. Colorado

Colorado supports a robust bobcat population, reflecting the implementation of effective habitat management plans and conservation measures.


5. Michigan

Michigan hosts a significant number of bobcats, indicating successful wildlife management practices and efforts to protect their habitats.


6. Oregon

Oregon maintains a thriving bobcat population, highlighting the state’s commitment to conservation through habitat preservation and wildlife protection programs.

7. Arizona

Arizona provides habitat for a flourishing bobcat population, indicating the effectiveness of wildlife management measures and conservation efforts.

8. Iowa

Iowa boasts a growing bobcat population, indicating successful conservation initiatives and the restoration of suitable habitats for these felines.

9. Kentucky

Kentucky supports a healthy bobcat population, reflecting the state’s dedication to conservation and the preservation of natural ecosystems.


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