8 Ways To Remove Stubborn Blue Hair Dye

Experimenting with hair color can be a fun and creative way to express yourself, but sometimes the results aren’t quite what we expect, or we’re ready for a change. Blue hair dye, in particular, can be notoriously stubborn to remove. If you’re looking to say goodbye to your blue locks and restore your hair to its original color or prepare it for a new shade, here are eight effective methods to remove stubborn blue hair dye.

Bleach Out

Bleaching is a quick way to remove blue dye from your hair, but it’s also the harshest. It strips away color effectively but can damage your hair if not done properly. It’s highly recommended to seek professional assistance to minimize hair damage and achieve the best results.

Take Your Time with Clarifying Shampoo

Clarifying shampoo is designed to remove buildup and residue from hair, making it a great option for gradually fading blue dye. For best results, lather generously and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing. Repeat over multiple washes for a more significant effect.

Dishwashing Liquid Can Do More than Plates

Surprisingly, dishwashing liquid mixed with your regular shampoo can help fade blue dye from your hair. This concoction works effectively to strip color. Apply it to your hair, let it sit for about ten minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Wash Your Hair with Vitamin C

A vitamin C treatment can also help fade blue dye. Crush several vitamin C tablets and mix them with your shampoo to create a potent fading mixture. Apply it to your hair, wrap it up, and let it sit before rinsing. This method can significantly help in reducing the vibrancy of the blue color.

Get Some Sun

Natural sunlight can gradually fade blue hair dye. While this method requires patience, regular sun exposure can naturally lighten the color. Just be sure to protect your skin with sunscreen during long periods outdoors.

Color Removers

Color removers, or color reducers, work by shrinking the color molecules in the dye, allowing them to be washed out. It’s crucial to follow the product’s instructions carefully to avoid damaging your hair.

Dandruff Shampoo Can Treat More than One Condition

Dandruff shampoo isn’t just for dandruff; its deep-cleaning properties can also help fade blue hair dye. With repeated use, you’ll notice the color gradually washing out, making it a safer alternative to more drastic methods.

Bath Salts Can Treat More than Aches and Pains

Soaking your hair in a bath infused with bath salts can also help remove blue dye. This relaxing method draws out color while you enjoy a soak. Repeat as necessary until you achieve the desired level of fade.

Removing blue hair dye doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these eight methods, ranging from natural and gradual to quick and professional, you can effectively fade or remove your blue hair dye, paving the way for your next hair adventure.

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