8 Extinct Dog Breeds That Deserve to Be Remembered

In the vast tapestry of canine history, certain breeds, once vital companions and workers, have unfortunately faded into extinction. However, their contributions to our shared history deserve to be remembered. This article pays homage to eight extinct dog breeds, each with a unique story that shaped the evolution of our four-legged friends.

Braque du Puy

The Braque du Puy, an extinct French pointing dog, deserves recognition for its exceptional hunting abilities and distinctive appearance. This breed, once a prized companion for hunters, left an indelible mark on the history of pointing dogs.

Talbot Hound

Take a stroll through medieval England as we remember the Talbot Hound, cherished for its noble demeanor and its pivotal role in the development of modern scent hounds. Despite its disappearance, its influence lingers in the bloodlines of contemporary breeds.

Turnspit Dog

Dive into the culinary world’s history with the Turnspit Dog, a breed employed in kitchens to turn meat on spits. This forgotten partnership highlights the historical interplay between humans and their canine companions in unexpected roles.

Moscow Water Dog

Explore the Soviet-era history of the Moscow Water Dog, a breed developed for water rescue missions. Though extinct today, its contribution to the field of water rescue and its unique characteristics remain etched in the annals of canine history.

English White Terrier

Pay tribute to the grace and elegance of the English White Terrier, a breed that faced extinction due to health issues and the rise of other terrier breeds. Its legacy lives on as we appreciate its distinctive qualities.

Cordoba Fighting Dog

Uncover the controversial history of the Cordoba Fighting Dog, once bred for dog fighting. Reflect on the ethical considerations surrounding such practices and the evolution of our understanding of humane treatment for animals.

South Russian Ovcharka

Honor the South Russian Ovcharka, a large and protective livestock guardian breed. Beyond its extinct status, its contributions to the development of other Russian shepherd dogs showcase the importance of these guardian breeds.

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